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About Us


1978 / 08 Jing Duann was founded and started manufacturing warm and hot forging press.
1979 / 11 First C Type Press was introduced.
1982 H Series Cross Shaft Pneumatic Forging Press was launched.
1984 Second generation forging press was in investigation.
1985 The second generation machine, HCP High Speed Hot Forging Press, was launched
1989 To fulfill the requirements of multiple working stations, Jing Duann started to develop new machines.
1990 FP 600 ton Forging Press was launched.
1991 Patent secured from Standardization Bureau of Economy Department for forging machine structure improvement.
1992 Move Taiwan headquarters to Taichung Industrial Park.
1993 / 08 Trade mark registration achieved in Japan
1993 / 11 Excellence Award achieved from Forging Association of R.O.C.
1994 LP series link rod forging press was launched
1995 The first domestically produced high precision 1600-ton press is developed.
1998 / 07 JKP series cold forging press was launched. ISO9002 Certification is applied in the same month.
1999 Obtained ISO9002 Certification.
2001 ISO9001 Certification has achieved for design, development, and service quality.
2003 Start new business territory in Mainland China by setting up China Jia Xing Jing Yong Jing Duann Machinery Co., Ltd.
2005 The main construction area of our china branch is completed.
2005 / 08 TP series forging press was renamed to FP(G) series
2006 FP and FPG series forging press acquired CE certification.
2008 All the construction of our china branch is completed. FP-1300(G) forging press was launched.
2009 LSP Long Stroke Forging press finished assembling process and started to run trial. The LKP long stroke cold forging press started design and structure inspection process.
2010 / 03 LKP650 long stroke press was lunched. Obtained new CE certification for our FP and FPG series forging press.
2011 / 01 A 2500 Ton Forging Press was lunched as model FP-2500G. The product range is more complete.
2011 / 03 Purchased 11,000 m2 of land at Taichung Precision Industrial Park for expansion. Productivity could be 100% increased to meet with the increasing orders for large presses.
2012 / 02 Start the building construction of JD Plant Ⅳ. The building construction works is to be completed by Q4 of 2013; Production will start in Q1 of 2014.
2013 The president Mr. Chen of JD was elected as 10th Chairman of Taiwan Forging Association.
2014 Formally moved to Taichung City Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park.


Automation of Forging Process

Promotion of systemized operation for manufacturing industry and upgrading of quality. Automation by the use of automatic control system. Final operation type-non operator production.

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