Forging Roller CR Series for JING DUANN Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.


Forging Roller CR Series

Forging Roller CR Series
CR Series
Forging Roller CR Series

CR Series Forging Roller is suitable for performing and material extend and rolling works of hand tools, vehicle parts, and bicycle parts.

CR Series Forging Roller

※ CR series roller adopt joint type pneumatic brake and clutch that can ensure precise work.
※ Rigid machine body through tempering and reduce inner stress; thus structure is strong and durable. 
※ Ready for automation system can realize automatic mass production.
※ Special and simple structure design let the machine easy to maintenance.
※ Metal after rolling can extend its length. Through this way, it can save material and have better die life compare with traditional forging method.

Advantages Design
Accurate Machine Structure Firm and Durable Rigid and Strong Machine Structure
Natural forming Rolling Wheel Design
Easy to Preformation before forging.
Accurate Pressing; low noise Joint Type Pneumatic Brake and Clutch
Easy Maintenance Well Lubrication System;
Simple Structure, Easy to Maintenance
Production Costs Down Material Saving Better Die Life
Easy Operation Easy Tooling and Machine Adjustment
Easy Tooling Change
Item / Type CR-100 CR-125 CR-150 CR-175
Maximum size of work 25O mm 38O mm 50O mm 80O mm
Maxi. length of finished product 350L 450L 550L 750L
Main horse power 10HP*6P 15HP*6P 25HP*6P 40HP*6P
Specification 250O*140 300O*220 360O*240 510O*240

Standard Accessories:

Lubrication systemTooling Adjustment SystemFilter System
Foot Switch    


Automation of Forging Process

Promotion of systemized operation for manufacturing industry and upgrading of quality. Automation by the use of automatic control system. Final operation type-non operator production.

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