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Motion Press LP Series

LP Series
Motion Press LP Series

High Precision Link Motion Press LP Series featured special press curve which can extend service life of mold remarkably and reduce noise level to improve operation environment. Link motion press has wider range of operation area comparing to crank shaft press, it can reduce pressing sequences, and mass production with stable quality will be achieved by the combination of other peripheral automatic feeding equipments. LP series forging press is good to be used in Trimming, Bending, Stamping, Deep Drawing, and Coining processes. LP series presses can work with other forging presses to realize the whole plant forging process.

※ Link Motion design with very strong machine structure that can realize high precision and high production to insure the quality of forging 
※ Ready for automation system can realize automatic mass production.
※ Small noise and low vibration fulfill the requirements of precision working environment.
※ Link Motion design makes the stroke beginning at a higher speed, smoothly forming metal dead point, and rapid return to zero position. 
※ Automatic Lubrication System keeps the machine well lubricated.
※ Precision and safety fulfill the CNS machine 1st standard.

Advantages Design
Various Forming Processes Available Special Stroke Curve, Smooth Forming
High quality Forging Parts Precise Forming Motion Special Link Motion Design
Automatic Mass Production Can Equipped Various Automatic Devices
High Safety and Easy Maintenance PLC Multi Circuit Loop System,
Well Designed Lubrication System
Reduce Forming Numbers Extending Die life Low Speed Forming and Rapid Return
Special Design Increase Production Efficiency Shut Height AdjustableOverload Control Device
Item / Type Unit LP-80 LP-120
Capability Tons 80 120
Stroke (A)m.m 90 150 110 180
number of stroke
Fixed speed (standard) 60 50
Varible speed change (special) 80~35 60~30
Rated tonnage point m.m 7 4 11 6
Shut height (B)m.m 345 330 365 350
Adjustment of ram (C)m.m 40 40
Ram dimension (D.E)m.m 560*420 650*480
Die hole m.m Ø50 Ø50
Bolster dimension (F*G)m.m 1000*550 1150*600
Thickness of platform (T)m.m 130 150
Height of operating surface (P)m.m 840 850
Interior width of frame (I)m.m 584 686
Main motor HP*P 7.5HP*4P 10HP*4P
Adjusting motor HP*P 0.5HP*4P 0.5HP*4P
Size of stand (J*K)m.m 1150*1645 1250*1820
Foundation blot location (M*N)m.m 960*1445 1120*1600
Land area (W*L*H)m.m 1250*1810*2995 1380*1980*3460
Die chshion ability Tons 3.6 6.3
Die chshion stroke m.m 70 80
Area of die cushion m.m 450*310 80
Precision   CNS 1st CNS 1st
Item / Type Unit LP-160 LP-200
Capability Tons 160 200
Stroke (A)m.m 120 200 130 220
number of stroke
Fixed speed (standard) 40 35
Varible speed change (special) 50~20 50~20
Rated tonnage point m.m 12 6 13 6
Shut height (B)m.m 470 450 470 450
Adjustment of ram (C)m.m 40 40
Ram dimension (D.E)m.m 700*550 850*640
Die hole m.m Ø65 Ø65
Bolster dimension (F*G)m.m 1250*800 1450*820
Thickness of platform (T)m.m 160 180
Height of operating surface (P)m.m 920 1040
Interior width of frame (I)m.m 730 830
Main motor HP*P 15HP*4P 20HP*4P
Adjusting motor HP*P 1HP*4P 1HP*4P
Size of stand (J*K)m.m 1500*2180 1650*2410
Foundation blot location (M*N)m.m 1300*1960 1450*2200
Land area (W*L*H)m.m 1575*2285*3810 1720*2565*4090
Die chshion ability Tons 10 14
Die chshion stroke m.m 80 100
Area of die cushion m.m 80 100
Precision   CNS 1st CNS 1st

Standard Accessories:

Overrun Protection System Automatic Lubrication System Angle Indicator
Manual Mold height Adjustor Foot Switch Motion Selecting System
Stroke Counter    


Automation of Forging Process

Promotion of systemized operation for manufacturing industry and upgrading of quality. Automation by the use of automatic control system. Final operation type-non operator production.

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