Pneumatic Press C Series for JING DUANN Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.


Pneumatic Press C Series

Pneumatic Press C Series
C Series
Pneumatic Press C Series

Pneumatic Press C Series forging press is suitable for trimming, bending, piercing processes of small parts and forging parts. It is good in trimming and punching for metal parts after forging.

Pneumatic Press C Series

※ Joint type pneumatic brake and clutch design ensures punching is precise and accurate.
※ Rigid machine body through tempering and reduce inner stress; thus structure is strong and durable. 
※ PLC controller ensure safe operation and secure.
※ Small noise and low vibration fulfill the requirements of precision working environment.
※ Automatic Lubrication System keeps the machine well lubricated.
※ Precision and safety fulfill the CNS standard.

Advantages Design
Accurate Machine Structure Firm and Durable Rigid and Strong Machine Structure
High Precision Forging Parts Stable Product Quality Fulfill ISO9002 and CNS Standard
Accurate Pressing; low noise Joint Type Pneumatic Brake and Clutch
High Safety; Easy Maintenance PLC Multi Circuit Loop System,Well Designed Lubrication System
Decrease Production Costs High Performance and High Efficiency
Item / Model Unit C-100 C-150
Capacity Tons 100 150
Stroke of ram mm 200 250
Adjustment of ram mm 50 50
Number of stroke Spm 67 50
Work number of stroke Spm 12 12
Shut height mm 350 500
Rated tonnage point mm 6 6
(L-R & F-B) Ram dimension mm 390*330 600*450
(L-R & F-B) Table dimension mm 820*540 1200*640
(L-R & F-B) Side window mm X X
Main motor Kwxp 7.5kw*6p 11kw*6p
Ram of adjustment motor Kwxp X 0.2kw*4p
Motor of lubrication V*A DC24V*1.5A DC24V*1.5A
Ejector in the ram Tons-mm 1Ton-30mm 1Ton-40mm
Ejector in the table Tons-mm X X
Air pressure kg/cm2 5 5
Press weight kg 8500 14,000
(L*W*H*) Press dimension mm 1764*1905*3092 2062*2385*3860

Standard Accessories:

Overrun Protection SystemAutomatic Lubrication SystemAngle Indicator
Manual Mold height Adjustor Foot Switch Motion Selecting System


Automation of Forging Process

Promotion of systemized operation for manufacturing industry and upgrading of quality. Automation by the use of automatic control system. Final operation type-non operator production.

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